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Our Self Storage Facility Testimonials

Mini self storage company serving Vancouver Richmond BC“I want to thank your staff for the excellent customer service over the past years.  Your organization provides a fantastic facility at a great value.  I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need, and if I should require storage in the future I will be proud to call myself your customer once again.”

Moses S. – New Westminster


“My wife and I, having sold our home, were embarking on an undetermined period of travelling (at least a year, but with the option to continue on).  Consequently, we were looking for a long-term, cost-effective, dependable and secure facility that could store our entire household personal possessions and valuables.

We found the Annacis Lock-Up Storage Depot to be impeccably clean, bright, dry (crucial in this rainy part of Canada), safe, competitively-priced and well-located (in a light industrial park on Annacis Island, about 20 minutes easy drive along Highway 99 from Vancouver).  Access in and out of the compound and privacy are carefully controlled and managed, while (once inside) parking is plentiful and access to the warehouse easy; and trolleys are provided to assist with the actual move.  In sum, the management has thought of and through every aspect of such a facility.

Communications and payment en route (we were on the other side of the world and often away from internet connection) proved simple and straightforward.  Mail was kept for us (a separate cost) and forwarded on when necessary to family contacts.

Service was exceptional; staff were always professional, friendly, accommodating and helpful.  Indeed, on the day of our move out from our apartment last year, we’d been beset by a rare power failure, which set back our move to Annacis several hours and hence, our arrival time at the Lock-Up.  On top of that, as we were moving into the Lock-Up, we realized that we’d underestimated the amount of space required for our possessions, and needed extra lockers to accommodate everything.  Without a moment’s hesitation or word of complaint, staff kept the facility open beyond closing time so we could complete our move in one go and found two more (adjoining) lockers for us on short notice.

All in all, we could not have been more pleased by our experience with Annacis and would gladly repeat the experience.”

Christopher W. – Vancouver


“I have been renting a storage spot from you for a number of years. It’s been a pleasure. Your facilities are nothing short of fantastic, as well as the friendly service.”

Andrew B. – Richmond


“Annacis Lock-Up is by far THE BEST storage facility in the lower mainland. Stellar customer service, cleanliness is impeccable both inside and outside. By far the best security . Storage lockers , there is no comparison any where. The hours are great, and the location is central and easy to get to. As for their rates, I find them very reasonable .  I would give Annacis Lock-Up a 5+ for rating. Thank you , Annacis Lock-Up.”

Alli N. – Surrey


“Thank you to all the staff at Annacis Lock-Up. I have been storing my personal items here for over 6 months and I am impressed with the cleanliness, organization and fantastic service I have received since I made my first call to book a locker. The courtesy truck to start my initial move was much needed, and every single staff member went above and beyond to help me. I am keeping a permanent locker on site from now on for all my seasonal items. I know they will be safe, dry and well cared for. Thanks again!”

Tammy K. – Vancouver