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28 June 2013


 June 28, 2013
Category: Storage Tips

We are having another auction at our facility. We have changed things around a bit this time, as we will be conducting the auction on a Saturday! We hope this will allow more people to attend, that previously were working or busy during the week day auctions. For those of you that are new to our auctions, we conduct a silent/sealed bid auction. How this works is we will conduct continual tours of the units to be auctioned. You will then have the opportunity to write down your bid for the unit, and place it in a box. At the end of auction time, the box is opened and the highest bid wins the unit. With this format you do NOT need to be here at the start or stay till the end. Unfortunately, you will not get a chance to meet Barry Weiss or get to witness a “Yuuuup!” style auction, but we believe by not having an auctioneer trying to up all the bids, it helps keep the price down.  We hope to see you all there on Saturday July 6th from 10am to 2pm.

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