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storing clothes long term avoid moths

Storing Your Clothes & Linens to Avoid Moths & Mould

Over time many of us run into a situation where it seems like we are about to be overwhelmed with all the clothing, bedding, […]

Understanding what not to store versus what you can store

A few years ago, a funny thing happened. A television network decided to make a “reality TV” show about people who bid on abandoned […]

Advantages of Renting a Self-Storage Unit

There are times in most people’s lives where they find themselves with a surplus of things and a deficit of space. Perhaps you’ve just […]

Storage Unit Tips

There often comes a time in life when you have more stuff than you have space to store it, and the best solution you […]

Garage Clean Out

Garages are a wonderful convenience to have. They can be used to store so many things, especially in a place like Vancouver where with […]

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