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High security storage facility with video monitoringAt Annacis Lock-Up our first priority is to safeguard the security of your belongings and that is why our extensive range of security and safety measures are second to none. Our safety and security measures include, in part:

Electronically Alarmed & Guarded Perimeter Security Fence

Annacis Lock-Up incorporates security fences and access to the site is controlled by you, using your personalized access code. Your access code also turns off the alarm on your unit while you are on site. As well you control who has the code.

1. Individual door alarms

Each unit has its own alarm. Any unauthorized attempted entry will result in the alarm on your unit being triggered which alerts staff and the security monitoring station. As well the computer records the date and time of the attempted entry.

2. Fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinkler

Our modern concrete and steel building is equipped with the latest security, fire and smoke detection and sprinkler systems on every floor.

3. Professional Staff

Well staffed by our professional staff members during business hours plus 24-hour security and resident manager on site. Your storage unit is protected by your own padlock and only you retain the key.

4. Security Lighting

With motion, controlled lighting, and lighting at each door, anyone intent on doing ‘evil deeds’ will be scared off.

At Annacis Lock-Up, security is our highest priority. All our equipment is state of the art, new technology. We use the best of everything!

Remember, Annacis Lock-Up provides a safe, secure and very sensible experience. 604-527-0388 Call now to reserve your storage unit or see our storage prices.